About Us

Where there is a will, there is a way

Our History

Established in 2011

AZ Manufacturing and Trading is one of four AZ companies based in Africa and the Middle East, and the only manufacturing arm of the AZ group. After trading mayonnaise and sauces for over forty years in international markets, AZ founder Fawaz Merhi took a bold step and invested in the first mayonnaise factory in Lebanon in 2011. The factory is situated on thirty three square meters of rural land in Bekaa, and has a remarkable production capacity that capitalizes on the most advanced European technology. ISO certified (9001) for Excellence of Quality and Service and registered with FDA in the USA, the factory conforms to international standards for hygiene, quality and food safety to produce the best quality mayonnaise and sauces.
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Our Vision

A Pioneer Mayonnaise Factory

AZ Manufacturing and Trading is the first mayonnaise factory in Lebanon, and the only manufacturing arm for the AZ group. We aspire to become the leading mayonnaise and sauces factory in the region. ISO certified, we are determined to show the potential for Lebanon to be a leading manufacturer producing premium products at highest level of quality, hygiene, and food safety by international standards.

  • A Progressive Family Business

    We are a progressive family business with roots in Africa and the Middle East, determined to meet the challenges of the twenty first century by bringing on board the best know-how, expertise, resources, and potential partners capable of supporting us to further grow the AZ manufacturing and trading companies, expand our customer base and markets, and better compete on national and international level.

  • Best Quality Foods for Healthy Diet

    We are committed to provide a diverse customer base with the best quality foods and ingredients at the most affordable prices in the local and international markets. Although we cater for diverse customer and market needs at various product ranges to meet price competitions in different markets, we aspire to provide customers with the best quality foods and ingredients to ensure a healthy diet at the most affordable prices across borders.

  • An Environmentally-Friendly Factory

    We are privileged to have a factory situated in the heart of breathtaking green lands and valleys known to have fertile soil, live cattle, and authentic rural way of life. As more factories open in Bekaa, we are committed to raise awareness about the impact of factories on the environment, and actively seek national and international partners to find collective solutions to environmental concerns, and fundraise for initiatives that safeguard the unique and rural environment of Bekaa.

  • Factory as an Educational Arm

    As a pioneer mayonnaise factory in the country, we intend to turn the factory and surrounding area into a learning haven and research ground for multiple stakeholders (students, researchers, policy makers...) eager to contribute original research and make recommendations that add value to the business and surrounding community.

  • A Socially Responsible Factory

    We invested in one of the most impoverished areas in Lebanon to bring hope, jobs, and opportunities to the locals, in a rural region that lacks basic infrastructure. We continue to raise awareness about the challenges, need for investments, and partners determined to support manufacturers and locals in the region.

Our Mission

Our Core Values

  • To position the factory as a leading supplier in mayonnaise and sauces across local, regional and international borders.
  • To cater for diverse customer and market needs and deliver best products and services at most affordable prices.
  • To better capitalise on the collective resources and networks of the AZ Group in the Middle East and Africa to better serve our customers and partners on a manufacturing and trading level.
  • To further develop our business with existing partners and customers and maintain solid professional ties with them.
  • To attract new partners and expand our markets and customer bases across borders.
  • To be socially responsible and partner with local, regional, and international organisations to support social, humanitarian, and environmental causes that have direct and indirect positive impact on business and community.


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